Wednesday, June 29, 2011

101 days

Ummm hi... have you noticed the countdown on the right hand side of my blog. My wedding is in 101 days. Holy Cow! That is sneaking up on me! I feel like there is still a lot to do for the big day! I am trying to focus heavily on getting everything done now (or as much as I can now) so that when the week before comes, I will only have to put out the small fires. And on the big day itself, I am not worrying about ANYTHING! 

One thing that seems to be a big suck of time is Pinterest. Mary from A Merry Wife (and A Merry Life) first mentioned the site to me in a blog post, so I went and checked it out, I didn't think much of it, until I noticed that some of my IRL friends were using it, so I signed up. It's like crack! I don't suggest clicking on the link unless you want to waste some time! There is so much on there and makes me feel like I can do anything. It's very inspirational and I've found a lot of things that I want to do for my wedding and other projects. 

I am looking forward to next month and meeting with my minister and discussing our ceremony. Ben and I have decided that we are going to write our own vows, which I have to admit scares me a bit, but I think it will be quite lovely. 

We are still wedding band shopping, still haven't found exactly what we are looking for. 

Ben is working on booking all the details for the honeymoon (Hawaii here we come!) 

I am defiantly not trying to rush the summer, it'll be gone in a flash, but I am so looking forward to October and marrying my best friend and the man of my dreams. 

When I was a teenager and even in college, I used to have these dreams about my wedding day, and the groom's face was always obscured, I recently had a dream about my wedding day, and the groom's face was no longer obscured, but there was my Ben smiling at me from ear to ear and it just felt like everything was perfect. 

101 days....

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