Monday, June 6, 2011

Marathon Week is here!

If you follow the hilarity on twitter that is Team Awesome (Kerri, Steve and myself) you will know that Steve is in full #MarathonWeekPolice mode. Making sure that only mileage from Monday at 12:00am and on counted! 

Steve is awesome, but if you know him, then you already knew that, anyways, this Marathon week challenge that he issued is just that, a challenge. Yes, would it have been easier to start on Sunday, why yes, I had nothing to do all day. In fact I got a good nearly 3 miles in on Sunday, it would have been great to have that count. However, part of the whole thing is that it's a challenge and it's not supposed to be easy. 

Kerri and I jokingly said, we were going to be the ones on Saturday night at 11pm walking laps around the house just to get the rest of our mileage in. And seriously, if I had a pedometer, I totally would have been walking laps while at work. I've got nothing better to do than wait for the ambulance to get back from the hospital (hence why I can write a blog post at 3:30 in the morning). 

I am looking forward to this challenge, I think it will be a great challenge to not only get the mileage in but to make time for myself and what's important to me. Which is an area that I've been doing well in, but it could always be better.

26.2 miles here I come! 

I believe that I am also going to issue a personal challenge to take a picture of me at least once while working out. So call me out on it if I don't post a sweaty ass picture here!


Kerri O said...

Yay for making time for you! A sweaty ass pic, ahaha! Go you. I'm excited for this challenge too. Been stalled a little since fitbloggin. Just the thing I needed to light a little fire again.

Kenlie said...

I post sweaty pics often. =0) In fact, there will probably be on tomorrow. Ha

Congrats to you on your big, awesome goals..=0) Keep it up!


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