Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today on my journey, I acquired a new descriptor, I am a W.I.M.P. - a Work In Mother-effin Progress....

Let me explain. 

Today, I decided to try a new route, a much longer distance than my usual 2.5 to 3 mile loop. I mapped out and opted to do 6 miles. In fact I did 6.23, I walked a 10k, just under 2 hours. I am really super proud of myself for doing it. 

This new route is really awesome, I love it, the scenery is changing and there is so much to see, there is enough tree cover that there is some shade across the road for me while I am walking. 

What happened, is as I was walking by the high school, the school buses had picked up the children and were leaving the school. One of the buses drove by and a boy stuck his head out the window and called me a "fat ass". 


Those words hurt, and they took me right back to high school, and always being the fat one. But it was only for a brief moment that those words took me back. I wouldn't let those harsh words deter me and my goals. I could have turned around and called it a day, but I didn't. In fact, it only pushed me on, and I had my fastest interval of the whole 6 miles.

But I am a W.I.M.P. well duh, of course I am a fat ass, that is why I am out walking, to burn calories and hopefully lose my fat ass... 

I will not be derailed on my journey. Stand back bitches... I should just walk by that school everyday. 

Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger! Weigh in day is tomorrow!

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Kerri said...

You have a good attitude. One of the major things holding me back from running outside at first was the fear of being called fat or made fun of in some way by people passing by in cars. At some point I just decided I don't care and that my health and well-being was more important than the dumb words spewed (either by a kid who doesn't know better or a moronic adult). Be proud of your 10K workout - that's pretty amazing!


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