Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is running for me?

Well on Saturday I got back on the C25K horse, nearly a month after my last session. Let me say that being sick sucks, being so sick that I couldn't run, even worse. All of my build up was gone. All the work I had done was gone. 

For some reason I wasn't looking forward to it, in fact I was dreading it. At first, I was going to restart at week 3, but once I looked at what happened on week 3, I bumped it down to week 2. I figured if it was too easy, I would transition into week 3 no problems. 

I could barely do week 2.... I stopped running several run sessions. I'd go fine for about 45-60 seconds but could not go the full amount. I think that there was one maybe two intervals, that I could actually run the full length. 

I chugged through the entire session, I was bound and determined to complete it. But I am definitely no where near where I was a month ago. 

I am wondering if I should just restart the whole program, all the way back to week 1 day 1. Or keep at week 2 until I feel ready to move on.

The other part of me thinks I should give up running completely. I mean, maybe it's not for me. I enjoy walking so much more, and it's much less impact on my knees/ankles. Perhaps taking a hiatus from running until I can get some more weight off?

Kayla and I have a 5K coming up in September, and I'd love to be able to run it with her. I want to beat my time from last year's 5K (48:15.2). 

Right now I can walk a 5K in an hour, so I am not that far off from my time from last year's time. 

Today, I was planning on getting another long (10K) walk in, but I realized that I should probably do a C25K session, probably week 2. 

Perhaps this is just the "first session after a long time off" jitters or something. I don't want to give myself any doubt, but at the same time, I said I wasn't going to do anything that wasn't any fun for me. I need exercise/activity to be fun for me so that I will keep doing it. 


Kayla said...

Oh chica, I can completely relate to this post!

My love is for walking. I absolutely adore the way I feel after a long walk. Walks help me clear my mind and just breathe.

Running on the other hand, not so much. I feel so uncomfortable when I run. My feet can't seem to decide what pace they want to go at, I'm clumsy while running, and I always forget to breathe. When I attempt a run, I usually quit before I can even begin which causes me to become a bundle of self doubt. I started the C25K training over AGAIN, but I'm terrified I am going to freak out at Week 4 like I always do and quit.

If you want to give running another shot, maybe try restarting at the beginning of the program and go from there? We can restart it together and check in with each other about how the training is going? But, if your heart is telling you that running is just not for you right now, don't run. Do what you enjoy!

I know we will rock that 5K in September regardless of if we are running it or walking it!

You are awesome, Cassie!


Kerri O said...

Being a heavier runner is tough. I was shocked how much better it felt with every 5 or 10 pounds down I got. There's nothing wrong with walking. Sometimes I think running can almost be a peer pressure thing. Do it if you want, don't if you don't. I think it's more important to find your love for running than just trudge through. IF you choose to keep running, try just slowing down on your running portions and focus on steady breathing, not gasping for air. You can always work on speed later. Just my uninvited advice ;)


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