Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of May 2011

So I have impressed myself this month. I've completed the month with at least 23 days of activity, in fact, I completed 24 days of activity.

I am both happy and pleased with my efforts this month, despite being sick. My weight is still fluctuating, but I won't get discouraged. I am determined.

An update on being sick, I went back to the doctor's today, I was put on a z-pac to resolve my sinus infection last Tuesday. Well the sinus infection and sinus pressure did resolve, but now it's just a lingering cough, semi productive. So after going to the doctor today, I was told to wait another day or two, if the symptoms still persisted I was given a prescription for another antibiotic. And I was told to rest, relax, and take some cough syrup.

I am hoping that I won't need to use the other antibiotic. I also am unable to continue running. The doctor said, it's best to wait until I am feeling 100% better. I can walk, but no running. I am a bit upset about being sick for 19 days, and not being able to continue with my couch to 5k training, this is a set back for me. But I know I will be back and in full force. I may have to do some weeks over again, I am not sure how far this is going to set me back, I am glad my 5k isn't until September.

I am going to be participating in Steve's Marathon Week Challenge. To walk/run 26.2 miles in one week (Monday June 6th through Sunday June 12th). I am hoping that I am feeling better and able to really kick butt in this challenge. You can follow on twitter, we'll be using the hashtag #MarathonWeek

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