Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Perfect weather... if you are a duck!

Ugh... that's really all that can sum up the last few days for me.

I've been sick, with something... I typically get sick when the temperature does funny things, like drop 30 degrees in a day. Well this weather pattern that New England is in really sucks right now. Basically I am in the midst of a week long rain fest. Just icky and cold, I guess the weather matches how I am feeling!

The icky rain pattern is also making a terrible time to get out and do my C25K sessions, I finished week 3, and I was supposed to start week 4 on Tuesday, but I am feeling like poop and the rain didn't help. I don't want to get too far behind, though, so I am taking it as easy as I can and hopefully will get back on track.

I am managing to stay active, I got a walk in on Monday, I took yesterday off, and hopefully will be getting a walk in tonight. Not nearly as active as I'd like to be, but at least it's something.

I've also been failing on the tracking front, I haven't tracked in days, mind you, the first few days of being sick, I wasn't really in the greatest frame of mind, but I am over the sickness hump and need to get back in the tracking routine so I don't fall so far behind.

I also didn't weigh in last Friday, again I chock it up to being sick, but I did step on the scale and I am right on target, so I don't feel like I've gone too far off path, I've been eating mindfully and making smart choices. So long as you count coffee frappes as smart choices. But hey, they ARE smart choices when you need something cold to soothe your throat from all the coughing, right?

At least I can taste food again, I still cannot smell anything, but at least my taste is coming back.

I am going to track my food today, got to get back into those good habits, I do not want to derail all my efforts!

Hopefully I will start feeling better (like I said, I am already over the hump) and I can get back on track with my C25K training sessions, and hopefully there will be an end in sight with this rainy weather.

Although, I will take the rainy weather now, for sunny perfect weather when we go camping next weekend!

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