Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh hello, old friend... I haven't missed you!

So today is day twelve of being sick and although most of my symptoms have resolved, my clogged sinuses have remained. Last night I went to bed and I was miserable (H2B can tell you!) I just could not get comfortable, I finally had to add a second pillow to elevate my head and allow my sinuses to drain just a bit. I knew I needed to seek some help.

I went to my chiropractor this morning and got my usual adjustment and also got my sinuses adjusted. That did loosen things up, but she agreed that I probably had a bad sinus infection.

So then I made the call to my primary care, and was given an appointment with the nurse practitioner, after going over the course of my illness and my current symptoms, she examined my throat, nose and ears. Thankfully, I did not have an ear infection, but I did have a lot of fluid behind my ears, which could have led to an infection. But I do have a nasty sinus infection. The nurse practitioner mentioned that I also had a sinus infection in April last year, and that perhaps it's a yearly event in the Spring. It's quite possible that the changes in the season, weather, temp help add to my sinus infection.  Either way, I was given prescriptions for a nasal spray and a Z-Pac, and told to rest and stay hydrated. I asked her if I could continue training with my interval running and my Couch to 5K program, she advised against it, she said, I could walk, but that running probably wouldn't be a good idea. Which means I'll probably have to restart week 4 or even week 3 depending on how things go once I am feeling better.

I went home and posted this picture on twitter

I am hoping that at least now I can start feeling better and hopefully will be feeling better before we go camping this weekend! I am keeping my fingers crossed for great weather.

One thing I realized here on my blog is that I don't post many pictures in general, so I am going to try to make a more conscious effort to post pictures.

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Steve said...

I had no idea you could get your sinuses adjusted?! Wow.

I hope you feel better!


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