Friday, May 20, 2011

Weight Update

Well I forgot to weigh in last week, mostly due to getting sick and just completely forgetting about it (trust me not the ONLY thing I forgot while being sick)

I did remember to weigh in today, and it was remarkable, I weighed in at 305.8! A 5 pound loss in 2 weeks. Now mind you , I firmly believe that is 5 pound of mucus and snot that I shed, because I feel that is all that I've been doing (blowing my nose and such).

But hey, a loss is a loss and I'll take it. On top of that I am feeling more and more better as each day goes on. This makes me really happy.

I am depressed about missing FitBloggin' this year. However, if anything it only makes me more determined to get there next year. I just hope I can at least have my bloggie BFF's there (Kerri and Steve). I can't wait to read about everyone's recaps though!

Honestly though I think it's best for me to be home right now, I am recovering from being sick, FitBloggin' wouldn't be much fun sick, and I can accomplish a lot of stuff for the wedding. So at the very least, I am being productive!

With less than 5 months to the wedding, I am starting to feel more pressure and trying to get some tasks wrapped up. There has been a lot going on with the wedding, lots of stress, I am just hoping that things can subside as I feel like it's way too early on to be dealing with so much stress.

1 comment:

Steve said...

5 lbs of snotty mucus is still 5lbs :P So WooT!

I'm still really bummed that you weren't there...we would have had so much fun! But there is always next year!

Oh, and you're awesome :)


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