Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello Everyone, the weather is looking gorgeous for this coming holiday weekend. Hot and humid with a chance of thunderstorms every afternoon.

I am feeling much better, still 2 more days of my Z-pac, so I will be bringing that with me, as well as my Advil cold and sinus, but I think I am only going to take that when I need it. 

I won't have my laptop with me this weekend, even though the campground has free wifi, I wanted to experience camping, and laptop doesn't say camping to me. I will have my iPhone on me, so you'll probably see me lurking a little. I will hopefully be taking more pictures that I will share when I get back. 

Onto this week's weigh in, well I was up a tad, 306.7, to be honest, I wasn't feeling this week, being sick was really a drag, and I just didn't track my food. 

I will share a NSV, in that I went back to work on my first day (Wednesday, this week) and I started stress/mindless eating, I happen to look down and see Prior Fat Girls's One Bite One Decision bracelet and stopped the senseless eating. 

I am hoping that with me feeling better, I can get back into the tracking mode, however, I am going camping for 4 days, I am at least going to write everything down, that is the goal I am setting for myself. I am also planning on getting a lot of walking in. I am still not allowed to run, as I am still recovering. 

But come Tuesday, I'll be itching to get back on (the) track!

What are your Memorial Day weekend plans?

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Kerri O said...

Have fun this weekend! I am doing as much of NOTHING as I can ;) Fitbloggin took it out of this old lady.


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