Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In

Well, this post isn't timely... I weighed in on Wednesday and posted it to the weight loss group, but never posted it here.

Starting Weight: 9/7/11: 318.8
Today's Weight: 9/14/11: 315.8

A loss of 3 pounds in the first week! This makes me feel very "happy of myself" (cute video, you should watch it)! I'll take it. With the upcoming wedding and all the stress surrounding it, I have not been able to focus on my weight loss. People have been asking me if I am nervous about the wedding, no... I am not nervous about marrying the love of my life! I am nervous/stressed about ensuring that all the little pieces and components come together for the day.

I have some wonderful vendors and some amazing friends who are willing to help me ensure that I have the best possible day. And I can never say thank you enough to them all.

I am hoping after the wedding that I can get back on track and focus on the weight loss, that doesn't mean I am going to let loose and kick back now. But I am acknowledging that right now, I can't simply focus all of my attention on my weight loss.

Thankfully this challenge is a 3 month challenge and I have some time to catch up and kick butt!

Today (Saturday) is my parents 17th wedding anniversary. My parents being my dad and stepmom. They are such an example to me of how I think a lasting relationship should be.

Thumbs up for Rock and Roll!

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Chubby McGee said...

Congrats on the loss! Way to go!

And your wedding will be just fine. I'm sure everything will come together beautifully...just like you and the love of your life have. :)


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