Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 weekends to go...

Ben and I had a nice long Labor Day weekend. Normally, we spend the week before and Labor Day weekend in Bar Harbor on vacation, but with the wedding and honeymoon coming up, we opted to forgo the annual vacation.

Instead Ben and I spent some time with friends, drinking wine and being silly, but in general enjoying the company of friends. We accomplished some wedding related tasks, we picked up or wedding bands, as well as I did some practice DIY-ing for the candles. I spent the better part of the day at the salon on Friday, getting pampered. We did a trial up-do for the wedding, as well has having my nails done and a facial. It felt nice to get pampered. And to hear that all in all, my face/skin is looking pretty good! Just need to be better about moisturizing. I also got all my wedding appointments figured out so hopefully everything will be set as far as hair & makeup are concerned!

Yesterday, Ben and I were talking about some upcoming appointments, when we realized that we only have 5 more weekends before the wedding! holy cow! More concerning was that Labor Day weekend was our last free weekend, as every other weekend coming up we have something scheduled, and mostly wedding related tasks. Ugh, I am looking forward to being on vacation and our honeymoon.

Lots going on around here. Can't believe we are so close now!

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Kerri O said...

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeal I am so freakin excited for you!!


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