Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on?

Ok, I know I usually blog about healthy living and my weight loss journey, I know that with my wedding drawing near, that I've focused more on that, and my healthy living has been pushed to the back burner... not even the mid-burner as Steve put it.

That being said, I will be joining for another round of the biggest loser competition, this time it's for a longer duration. And right now, more people are involved. As of right now, the first place person would take home over $700 in cash. That is a hefty incentive!

This round goes from September 7th to December 8th, pretty excited! Not only do I have to make it through my wedding, but also my honeymoon and at least ONE eating holiday (Thanksgiving) this should be interesting. And it will most likely be the last round I can actively participate in. (read: family planning). Wow, that's scary to write that in a post. It's always been part of the plan, that soon after we got married we start to try and have a family. I just can only imagine where this blog will go. But I started this blog to keep track of my weight loss, and to track my feelings, and emotions. I think that this blog has severed me well, and I've met some wonderful people as a result of this blog and my journey. I can only imagine where my journey will lead next. But I am sure I will keep blogging about it all.

So I am sorry, if you are one of my readers who likes to read about my weight loss, that probably for the next month or so, my blog will be very much a wedding blog, because like my last blog post says, I have no life anymore it's just all about the wedding...

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