Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding = No Life

I am ready to have my life back... I feel like this wedding is all consuming...

The number of days left is ticking down and I feel like my to-do list is only growing. I have so much left to do! I am trying to get work done on some of my DIY projects, and also follow up with some vendors and get some meetings scheduled.

I keep telling myself that this will all be worth all the work, but I am starting to see why people hire wedding coordinators and/or take time off from work to plan their wedding. Neither of which I can do since money is tight right now.

I've had at least half a dozen people ask to bring a date or their boyfriend/girlfriend to the wedding. Some of the inquiries I don't mind, it happens. But some people are just down right RUDE about it. I feel like no one knows etiquette. And it's irritating, It makes me feel terrible, like I am a bad person (read: bridezilla). I've got so much else to focus on that I can't deal with all of this.

Our RSVP date is September 1st, which is 2 days away and I am missing about half of my RSVP's.... That's a lot of phone calls I don't have time to make! Of course, we know that H2B will be helping out with his side.

Honestly, I feel like I don't exist anymore, that it's just all about the wedding, and I really hate that feeling. I half jokingly said to H2B that we should just get married on a cruise, like I wanted to, but we are so far into this now, beyond the point of no return!

A few bright spots, I had my makeup trial last night and it went beautifully, the technician was lovely and very understanding of my wants to have a minimal face for the day. And really, airbrush is the way to go, it barely felt like anything was on my skin, and from what I hear it's sweat and water proof, and lasts for 16 hours. which is incredible! It was a good experience.

What was a GREAT experience was my bachelorette party!! My gal pals took me to Foxwoods! There was 10 of us in total, and so we drove down to Foxwoods, checked in and got ready for dinner at the uber swanky Shrine. The food was delicious and the scorpion punch bowls were the size of my head! We then did some gambling before hitting the club which is in the lower level of Shrine. As my BFF, Kelli put it all the guys looked like they were from the Jersey Shore. Which could very well have been the case, since Irene was in town and they evacuated the Jersey Shore. After a few hours of dancing we went back to the room for some greasy room service and then we all went to bed!

I woke up about quarter to 5 by by roommates who were staring out the window, Irene had finally hit CT. And they were calling for a Tornado watch, which freaked my friends out. Probably my fault, since I have a app on my iPhone that tells me when severe weather is in my area (whoops)! Well we finally managed to get some more sleep, as we were getting ready the next morning, the power went off and on, finally it was on, but it was generator power, so we couldn't blow dry our hair or iron clothes! We had to search around but we finally found a place to eat (buffet!). Before heading out into the weather.

Let me say that CT got it worse than my town in NH. But I do believe that western NH and VT got it just as bad as CT. I was very lucky and fortunate to know that we didn't get impacted too much at my house/work. But I do feel for my friends / blog readers who may be impacted by Irene and the damage she left behind.

In closing, I love my gals, I wish I wanted (or could of had) a big wedding party, it would have been so great. But I don't think I would change anything, I love that my cousin is going to be my MOH and stand up for me on my wedding day, but I also love that all my gal pals have been there to help with the planning and for all the moments in which I needed to vent or get opinions on.

But I still can't WAIT to have my life back, or at least to be on my honeymoon!

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