Friday, August 26, 2011

The calm before the storm

I remember Hurricane Bob, and the 10-15 foot storm surge... it moved the fish shack and summer cottages off their foundations and moved at least 50 yards away. Bob was 20 years ago. I remember being a kid, and making fistfuls of money shoveling rocks out of peoples driveways and bringing them back over to the beach. The ocean brought over lots of rocks and other items, including telephone poles... now I don't know where these poles came from, but it was impressive that they made it over the sea wall and into the roadway.

For Hurricane Irene they are talking about 20-25 foot storm surge, I can only imagine what that will do for the shoreline.

There is a bride in New Hampshire who is getting married on Saturday, she was planning on getting married on the beach, but wisely moved the ceremony indoors. But she is a true Yankee and still planning on having her wedding and her day, even if Irene will be crashing her wedding.

I am still planning on having a bachelorette party this weekend, my best friend, Kelli has put a lot of work into this weekend and she's got plans. I give her a lot of credit, all of my friends have kept the details and location a secret, and I am sure it hasn't been easy. I can't wait to spend time with my gal pals! I can't wait to see what Kelli has put together. I am sure it will be super fun! Just like Irene won't spoil a wedding, she won't spoil my bachelorette party. The least she could do is buy a round of drinks!

Today, was the calm before the storm, it was a beautiful day, I took part in the NH Sheriffs Associations Golf Tournament. I was on the NHEDA team. It was great to spend a day with some fun dispatchers, just kicking back and having a good time. We golfed at the Pheasant Ridge Country Club in Gilford, NH. Which is a beautiful course overlooking the lakes and mountain region.

If you live in Irene's path, please take appropriate precautions. If you follow my blog, you know that I work in emergency services, and you should heed the warnings. Hurricanes are no jokes, we've gone several years without any real issues. I have a app on my iPhone that sends me severe weather alerts, and it's been going off for the last day of weather alerts, so please stay safe and take care. 


Jess said...

Kassie, I too am in NH. Take care and be safe!

Cassie said...

Jess, I hope you faired well during the storm, I am on the coast of NH and it didn't seem nearly as bad here as it sounds like the middle and western parts of NH got!


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