Monday, August 22, 2011

Tonight's the night...

My fitting is tonight! Wish me luck! I am picking up my new, smaller bra tonight and then rushing over to the bridal store to put the look all together... seems a bit more real now!

Over the weekend, H2B and I were able to secure new catering, finalize our wedding bands and dropped off my engagement ring to get fixed, there were 2 loose diamonds, and I wanted to get those fixed before much more time went by.We had a productive wedding weekend.

This coming weekend is my bachelorette party, I still don't know what's happening or where, but I know I am going to be out with my gal pals and enjoying a fun weekend, I can't wait.

The local weight loss challenge is ending on Thursday this week and unless there is a big upset, I won't be winning, but even after everything this weekend, I stepped on the scale at 309 this morning, still recording a loss in this challenge, I will take it as a win... no matter what happens.

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