Monday, August 15, 2011

The Dress!

So the other day my friend came over with her wedding dress, she wanted to try it on. The dress is beautiful and she will be stunning in it.

She asked if she could leave it at my house because she lives with her fiance, and I said, sure... no problem. We hung it up in the second bedroom and thought nothing of it. We went off to find another bra for MY wedding dress.

Ben came home and just happened to go into the second bedroom and saw the said dress. Instantly he panicked, he thought it was my dress! He said he only took a small look at it, and saw what it was and didn't look at it any further. When I was able to explain to him the situation he breathed a sigh of relief. Now granted he only saw her dress out of the corner of his eye, but both of our dresses have some similarities.

I said, don't worry, my dress is safely tucked away at the bridal shop. One week from tonight I will be trying it on for the first time since November when I picked it out. I am so excited yet nervous. I hope I am as in love with it as when I first bought it.

What about you, do you have any wedding dress horror stories? Do you believe that the groom shouldn't see his brides dress before the wedding day?

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Kerri O said...

Ah, you're making me all sentimental. I don't remember if hubby saw my dress, I don't think he did. But it was all princessy with tiny pale pink flowers.....


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