Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding stress and a surprise!

So since the last wedding update a lot as happened. The biggest news, is that we lost our caterer, 2 months before the wedding.... This caused a minor major freakout, we specifically planned our wedding to secure services early on so that we wouldn't have to run around at the last moment planning. As it turns out, this is what we ended up doing. Ugh. Thankfully, Ben being the super duper awesome man that he is took on the challenge of finding a new caterer 2 months before our wedding.


He quickly emailed some other caterers including one that we were originally considering. As it turns out they have never taken us off their calender. So our wedding date was still available! What luck! It is going to cost us more money than we had originally budgeted. But that this point, we really do not have a choice. I am just thankful that this potential big problem, was still a big problem, but quickly managed by my guy.

Today I decided to walk to the post office, I do so every now and again, I should do it more often, but I walked to the post office, and low and behold, there was a package for me. Now this made me laugh out loud. You see, every time I drive to the post office, there is maybe one or two pieces of mail for me. But whenever I walk to the post office, there is ALWAYS a package for me. Not that I don't mind getting fun packages in the mail. Today's was a wedding shower gift!  I also got 3 RSVP's. So excited that things are coming along for the wedding. So I joked with the girls in the office, that it's their way of making my workout more intense for me!

One of my good couple friends got engaged over the weekend, and after going out to dinner with the female half, she asked me if I would be her Maid of Honor! And I am so excited for their wedding, but also very honored that she asked me.

Today, she came over and I decided to try on my strapless long line bra for my wedding. This was the bra I bought for my best friend's wedding 3 years ago. It didn't fit... it was too big! Now the size was 50 D. Nothing what my usual bra size is. So we drove over to the store and tried on some new ones. I ended up ordering a 46 D! And even then, it was on the tightest latch possible.

I also tried on a bridesmaid dress for my friend, so she could see some color combinations, BTW, her ideas are lovely.... and the dress was a full size smaller than the dress I bought for my friend's wedding 3 years ago.

All in all this makes me so happy. Not meeting my goals to be a thinner bride is disheartening. But knowing that I am smaller than I was for my friend's wedding 3 years ago is a unexpected surprise and a happy one.


katdoesdiets said...

Wow, losing your caterer is nuts this close. Glad you guys got it figured out!
I think I'd walk to the post office every day if it meant presents, hee hee

Cassie said...

Very true.... I guess I should be walking there more often ;-)

I am very thankful that Ben was so willing to work the catering... so lucky to have him :-D #Swoon


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