Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The weigh in that wasn't and looking ahead

Well I didn't weigh in "officially" yesterday, a friend of mine had a childcare issue and asked me to help out. Since I was off from work, I didn't mind helping out. But I wasn't able to weigh in like usual. But it's ok, I still have plans to formally weigh in this week.

However, I did weigh in at my home scale today 287.2. Given my slip up back into the 290's last week, this is movement in a positive direction. I feel like I have a better handle on the situation and I am more aware and present in my situation and my goals in this journey.

Today is also my birthday. I am 28 years old today. I also wanted to weigh in today, because I wanted to have a starting point for my goals for the next year.

I will not be 287 next year... nor will I be greater than. I want to get better and faster at running and better my times. I want to make more time for me.

I still have the goal when I turn 30 to go sky diving. I need to be under 250 if that goal is going to be attainable.

Will I indulge today, yes, it's a special occasion, and food is involved. I plan on having some Chinese food (my fav) and maybe a slice of ice cream cake. But I have NO intentions of eating to the point of puking like I have in the past. Today, is about practicing what I've learned and using it in a real world scenario. No more birthday celebrations that last all week, its about one day. Tomorrow life can resume to normal. In fact I am actually at work today, and there is a distinct possibility that I may get ordered in to stay tonight as well!

Every year I've always treated myself to something nice or bought a gift for my birthday, this year, I am giving myself the gift of health and the continued drive to be better and be the person I see on the inside.

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