Friday, June 25, 2010

Do I stay or should I go?

Well I'm now at a crossroads, my friend informed me that she (as well as my other friend) dropped Weight Watchers. Now I'm all alone! The last time this happened we both dropped Weight Watchers at the same time and the weight just came right back on with me. She said that she would like to continue talking about weight loss, and kind of keeping tabs on one another. She wants to e-mail me her weight each week, like a weight in of sorts.

I'm obviously going to support her decision, but now I've got one to make of my own. Do I continue with Weight Watchers or do I leave the program to continue on my own? I enjoy the meetings, but lets be honest, I don't track my food as I should. I could save some money and use SparkPeople or another food tracking program if I wanted to. I like the tips and tricks, recipes... but I can get them from blogs or other outlets.

I did just purchase the Gruve, I'm excited to see if that helps me move more and burn more calories. I am hoping to do a review here once I get a few uses in with it.

Basically what I'm doing here people, is asking for help..... or an opinion or input.... HELP!

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