Friday, June 25, 2010

Self Defense

When I was in college, one thing that everyone told me was to be aware of my surroundings. As a young woman, I was marked as a "easy target" of predators.

The UNH Police department gave us all sorts of tips when it came to protecting ourselves, travel in groups/buddy, walk on well lit/marked paths, don't be distracted by cell phones, we even had a whistle they gave out! (we called it our rape whistle). UNH does a really great job of protection, they even offer a escort service (sounds so dirty) but it's a number you can call and someone will come out and meet you and either give you a ride or walk with you back to your dorm. I thought it was really a neat idea.

Well on my floor of my dorm, freshman year, we once did a floor social on the topic of self defense and how to protect yourself should you be attacked. I thought it was really neat and the lessons/moves I learned still stick with me to this day.

I think that if I lived in a city, where walking is the primary mode of transportation, I would consider taking another class or consider the DVD on self defense to "brush up" on some skills. I am sure that not much has changed, but a new and fresh perspective on the subject could be refreshing.

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