Sunday, January 29, 2012

But where is the snow?

I live in New Hampshire. I expect to have 4 seasons, that is what I love about this area. I enjoy the seasons, the long, cold winter makes me appreciate the warm lovely summers. Fall is my favorite season! However, the lack of snow this winter has gotten me really depressed. I don't need blockbuster storms (a la last year) but still SOME snow would be nice. I love how it makes the landscape look.

So I was wondering, is it possible to have the opposite of SAD? Ok, yes, I understand, SAD is more about the amount of light one gets, and with it being winter, our days are still shorter, despite the fact that there is no snow. But I must say, I am quite SAD that there isn't any snow! The weather has been quite mild, evening hitting 50 degrees last week, which is unheard of in January.

Every time we do get snow, the tail end of the storm usually turns over to a mix and then rain, which washes away most of the snow that would have accumulated. With no snow pack to absorb the sun's warmth, it's going into the earth, which means that we are staying warmer, and they cycle repeats. Le sigh.I'm just saying, that I'd really like some snow.

In other news, I was able to enjoy a girls night with my friend Kristen, she's so lovely and awesome. She's getting married to my friend, Mike this summer. And she graciously asked me to be her MOH! We went up to her venue to spend the night up there. I had a discounted rate, we thought we'd spend the night and check out the accommodations. She is getting married at the Common Man Inn and Spa in Plymouth, NH. For real-ies if you are ever in New Hampshire and need a place to crash, these people are top notch. They own several restaurants/properties in the state, they support local causes & businesses. And this property in Plymouth is very New Hampshire. The decor is fantastic, gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you walk in. The staff is so pleasant and delightful, it's really wonderful

We got to meet with Stephanie the wedding coordinator, Kristen got a lot of her questions answered, I asked a few. They really go out of their way to help the bride have the day she dreamed of! And Stephanie said, she can be the heavy... and try to keep us on track!

We had a wonderful dinner in the Foster's dining room, we opted just to sit at the bar. We chatted and just straight up had a good time. We ordered our desert to go and went up to our room. We were hoping to watch Grey's but it was a repeat! So we watched the GOP debate. We girl chatted the whole time and talked about our futures, it was such a great night.

Friday morning I got up and hit the gym. Yeah you read that right, I went to the gym, at a hotel. I amazed myself with that move! Then after some breakfast, we backed up bags and then went to the spa/salon. Kristen had her hair trial for her wedding and I opted to get a mani. Her hair is stunning, she will be turning heads on her day for sure. As my brother would say, she's "sit down pretty". I love that girl, she rocks her confidence and it shows.

I am glad that I recovered from my cold so I could enjoy my girls night with Kristen. I really think that rest and fluids really helped me recover quicker from my cold.

But can I please get some snow?

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