Monday, January 16, 2012

Photo Challenge

And trying to keep up with my photo challenge, here are some more photos, these are VERY out of order and I am missing some. But I plan on catching up soon!

Here's the original post about my challenge.

Day 6: Makes me Smile
I woke up that morning to find a dusting on my car! It made me smile, since we haven't had any snow this year! Little did I know we would get some a week later!

Day 8: Your Sky
You see what I mean about getting some significant snow just a short time later? It's a typical New England day.

Day 9: Daily Routine

I'm always in my car, it's really part of my routine. And always listening to my Cosmo Radio! I love that channel.

Day 10: Childhood

 This kid made me giggle, she really wanted that beer! (the cap was still securely on!)

Day 11: Where I sleep

And Ben still makes fun of me for sleeping with a stuffed animal.

Day 13: In my bag

 This is my work bag, which has everything I need for my long shifts at work. As well as a change of clothes that you can see (the jeans at least).

Day 14: Something I'm reading
I am taking a Ham radio class for work coming up in a few months, I've got to start studying!

So that's where we are at. I plan on making up the days in between that I missed!

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