Sunday, January 29, 2012

Who needs sleep?

My sleep patterns have been all wacky. I am finding myself in bed between 8-10pm. Last night, I was home from work at 6:30, in bed by 8:30pm. In fact Ben texted me at 9:15pm and I barely woke up to acknowledge his text! 

In the morning, I typically have been getting up at 4:30 and then 6am. I can usually go back to bed in between, but I am usually up at 7:30 and that's it for the day. Unless I went to bed really late the night before.On days that I work, I am up at 5:40am.

This isn't normal for me, as I am used to going to bed between 10-midnight, sleeping through the night and waking up between 7-8:30am.

Is this a sign of me getting old?

So far as the weight thing goes, I am still struggling. I am eating when I am hungry, but I find at times I am craving great choices and at other times not so great choices (pizza...last night). I need to get better about maintaining a food journal so I can track my cravings and better prepare for them.

My weight right now, 329.... there I said it. With that being said, I am now heavier than my husband. That is not a great feeling for me. Ben is doing a weight loss competition and he's doing so great, I am so supportive of his efforts and I give him a lot of credit for what he's been doing.

I saw myself in a mirror while at the salon with Kristen on Friday, and I didn't like the blob that was sitting in the chair staring back at me in the reflection. I want better for my life, and my future. I know the path is long and hard and we are going to struggle. I am very lucky and fortunate to have such a great group of people both on and off line who are so supportive of my efforts!

And now that it's out there I can move on. By moving on, I mean tonight after work, I will be at the gym.

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