Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The first four days

Here are the first four days of my photo a day challenge, I am still not sure if I want to post daily, or just lump them together every few days, like this one is... thoughts?

Day One: You
This is me, at work obviously... ah, in my work life, I only exist in navy blue. Hence the nail color, got to spice it up a bit!

Day Two: Breakfast
Yum breakfast! I have been LOVING me some english muffins and peanut butter lately, not really sure why, but it's just so delicious! And also rocking some fruit punch Crystal Light since I can't get enough of it.

Day Three: Something You Adore
I love ice cream... I adore it... if I could eat it every day I would! This is mint chocolate chip, one of my faves.

Day Four: Letterbox
Not really sure if I got this right or not, but here is my work's outgoing mailbox. We don't have a letterbox like normal people, the mailman brings our mail right to us! So this it the outgoing mailbox, for when he comes in, so that mail can go out.

So that's the first few days of this challenge. I just have to keep reminding myself to see what's next!


katdoesdiets said...

Love the nails!

tom oc said...

I too, love the nails. Also, excellent effort at doing your pictures. I would be happy with weekly or even each time you post. There are pros and cons to each. Just have fun with it!


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