Friday, January 13, 2012

Too busy to post?

Is it possible to be too busy to blog? But then feel like you've gotten nothing accomplished?

In an effort to give my challenge with Steve an honest try, I've been walking a lot more and logging some serious time. What I've realized, is that I've done all the "in shape" I was prior to the wedding. I get winded quite easily now even at a walk. I mean, I slogged a 5k not too long ago. I had to stop the C25K (now called E25K) program due to my knee pain/issues. But I was still walking a fairly fast/consistent pace. Those days are long gone! My pace is no where near what I was at, but that just gives me something to strive for. I know consistency is the key to me getting back into my routine. I've been walking at least 5 days out of 7 the last 2 weeks, for at least 30 minutes, usually longer.

We completed our first time home buyers seminar, our next step is to find a mortgage broker and crunch some hard numbers to see what we are eligible for and what we can afford. Ben and I have an idea of what we think we can afford, and then it's just going to be a matter of seeing what's out there on the market. In the meantime, we are trying to save our pennies to help with our down payment and all the other costs associated with buying a home.

Ben started another round of a weight loss challenge, I opted out of it since we are trying. I still am trying to lose weight, become a healthier person. I just didn't want to be in a weight loss competition and then get pregnant.

Work is going well. It's our "slow" season, I work for a resort seacoast community, so summer is our busy season. But with the snow storms we tend to get busy. Weird how much snow we DON'T have this year. Usually we have a lot by now, and we just had a storm yesterday. Out where I live, we got maybe an inch or two, which since the ground isn't frozen, will most likely melt. And at the Seacoast where I work, it was all rain yesterday.

During our "slow" season, I try to knock out some educational classes for my job. I signed up for the statewide dispatcher conference in April. This is a great networking opportunity, but also, I can learn some really incredible things. I also am signed up to take a HAM class, as in ham radio... not ham the pig meat. Part of my job is assisting in times of need to operate the town's emergency operations center. HAM radio is a backup form of communication, should our primary radios go down. You need to have your own license to talk on a HAM frequency and hopefully this class will assist me in passing the test to being a HAM.

I took about a 6 day hiatus from facebook after the New Year, my daily routine had become very engrossed with checking facebook, that I was really concerned about it. What I've realized, that I can take a step back from it, but that facebook is sometimes the only method of contact I have with a fair amount of my friends.

So that's about it! How's your winter going?

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