Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still here and still heavy

Just checking in, I've been losing weight, but it's coming off slowly, like in tenth of a pound increments, during a time when I know that I should be loosing poundage. But a loss is a loss, and I'll take it!

I am just getting over a cold. Not nearly as bad as I've had in the past, but I don't care to repeat that scenario anytime soon! Being sick sucks! I wasn't able to get a walk in or anything for the last few days. But yesterday I was feeling better so I trucked my behind to the gym and got a solid 45 minutes in on the treadmill, did 2 miles!

I basically hadn't driven my car in 2 days, so when I went to go leave for the gym, I couldn't find my car keys! It took me a solid 5 minutes of looking to find them! Opps! But I didn't use it as an excuse to slack off, I found my keys and off I went! 

I may not be able to make it to Steve and do all the mileage but I am going to give it my best shot!

I have to be comfortable with the fact that exercise plays an important role in my life, and to never slack off on it again, I hate restarting like this because I know what my body was capable of, and trying to get back to that level seems silly, since I know I was there once. Lesson learned!

My eating habits have been very wonky over the last few days, I am trying to eat when I am hungry, not when I am "supposed" to eat, but at times, it's just a banana and then other times, it's a full on meal. Not sure if being sick has anything to do with that. But hey, I am going to eat when my body is telling me it needs something.

I have been trying to stay away from soda, I did need some ginger ale to help, but mainly I've been getting a lot of water, OJ and Crystal Light in... Everyday my pee has been clear! Which is my way of telling that I am properly hydrated!

So that's it, really. Getting a cold sucks... recovering from a cold sucks... just don't do it!


MizFit said...

So glad youre on the mend--but go slow.
Take care of you till youre 100%

katdoesdiets said...

OMG I love that you shared your pee is clear. ahahaha


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