Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whole Foods

Sorry I've been a little MIA this week... I wanted to post about a news story, regarding Whole Foods new employee incentive. From what I've been reading basically employees currently get a 20% discount. If the employee chooses they can opt for a higher discount if they participate in Whole Foods Get Healthy Program.

Basically the program asses the employees for certain risk factors, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI. The program is tiered so that an employee can get partial credit. Take for instance someone like me who I don't smoke, my blood pressure is perfect and my cholesterol is only slightly elevated. However, I am obese and my BMI isn't healthy by any stretch. I would imagine I would qualify for an additional discount but not the full 30%.
This program is voluntary and it’s an incentive. Whole Foods is in the business of catering to healthy lifestyles and individuals and their employees are an extension of their business. In most cases, they are the face of the company.
Whole Foods is coming under some harsh criticism for this plan, saying that its vanity. And that it's rewarding those with a perfect image. I do not agree with this idea. The program doesn't judge you on your looks; you can be healthy and still look homely (sorry). Again, in my case, I am clinically obese, yet I have great blood pressure and I don't smoke. The program is looking for people to obtain/attain healthy BMI's there is nothing wrong with that! Why are critics trying to protect the fat! It makes no sense to me at all. The employees are still getting a discount (20%) and the program is voluntary and could possibly increase the employees discount up to 30%.
I say good for you Whole Foods. I think more companies should offer incentives like this.

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