Thursday, January 14, 2010

And it starts....

Week #1 of Loser Moms... its the toughest week to start, because its the worst of the worst... but here it is... my starting weight. From now till April 10th I'll be posting my weight pictures as I send them into the Loser Moms contest. I need to be honest with myself and the whole world. This time there is NO going back.

296.... Two Hundred and Ninety Six pounds, holy moly. One small saving grace is that I am actually down 18 pounds from when I started Weight Watchers back in late October. But I still have a long way to go.

I think I need to follow Liz (Goddess in Progress) and her example by taking (and posting) before and after pictures. Like she said, its hard when you have SO much weight to loose to see changes, and that is where pictures come into play. They help you to see the progress you are making even if you can't see it yourself.

Last night I was at the gym with some girlfriends and we were working it on the elliptical machines, one friend noticed that even though I did about 1/2 mile less than them that I still managed to burn 80 more calories. I'm thinking, hello.... I easily have 70 pounds on you! Yeah, I have more to burn and more to loose.

My doctor has told me that my goal weight for now is 250, but ultimately she'd like to see my at my high school weight (I know you are thinking, oh yeah, right). I've been heavy my whole life, my high school graduating weight, 220....

Right now my BMI is 41.3 (way obese) even at 220 I am looking at 30.7 (still obese). At 200 I would be 27.9 and in the overweight category. I think that it would be really ideal to go for the 220 but then to keep on going and at the very least, achieve a BMI in the overweight category. I don't really want to forever be labeled as obese.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad that we are all taking the first step to getting healthy. Me you and nick are all young enough that we can turn things around. I mean we are all lucky with our weights we do not have any health problems. I am hoping that we can all change it around before we have to deal with things like diabetes high risk for strokes, heart attacks etc.
I am proud of you!
good luck!

Treasure said...

Hey Cassie....good for you, IT IS HARD TO DO BUT YOU CAN DO IT.
I lost 50 lbs on WW a year and a half ago. IT took me almost a year to do it, but when you think about how long it took the weight to get there in the first place, a year is not bad.
You will do great, WW is AWESOME. I am still on WW and go to meetings.
Good Luck...I'll be cheering for you!!

Cassie said...

Thanks ladies, I have to keep telling myself that It has taken me years to be fat/heavy its not going to come off overnight.

And yes, Lindsay, I am glad we are doing this together, its great to have some support.


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