Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm doing The 2nd Biggest Loser Moms Fuck All Y'all Edition

**sorry for the language - but that's what it's called, folks!**

One of the blogs I follow Mariana from Riding with No Hands had tweeted about this contest. And so I, trying to be more health conscious and loose weight, decided to click on through and investigate further. Well it brought me to Loser Moms and outlined their 2nd Biggest Loser Moms Fuck All Y'all Edition (or FAYE for PC peeps). Me not being a mom, well that doesn't matter, its for people who want to loose weight. And money is a great motivator.

So for $10 (entry fee) I signed up. The contest starts January 10th and ends April 10th. The two highest weight loss percentages will be awarded cash money. The more people that sign up the more money that can be won.

I am always motivated by money (sad fact, but true) and for me, its two fold. I want to lose weight so this will encourage me since I don't want to lose my money. Its an investment, that I am hoping will have big returns.

Contest weigh-ins are looking to be on Wednesdays which is different from my Monday night WW weigh-ins - So I'll be weighing in for the contest on my home scale, which does differ from the WW scale. So it may be confusing, but I am going to go with it. We don't have to post our weights publicly. But I think I will post them here so that a) its proof and b) humiliates me into being better...

I am excited for this opportunity. I've got my game face on!


Michael said...

I'm proud of you Cassie. Motivation is motivation no matter what it takes to get you there. I'm pulling for you!

Cassie said...

Thanks Michael!

Anonymous said...

good luck!!!


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