Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stuff the bus is over!

Well I survived another year of Stuff the Bus. As predicited Toy donations were down, but cash donations were on par compared to last year. The money that was donated will be used to purchase toys for the children, which can work out since then a) the children can get exactly what they ask for and b) I get to go shopping - which is always a bonus.

So Toy Bank has officially kicked off, The chili cook-off is on Wednesday night. Gotta keep promoting that! Its such a fun night out. I don't even like chili! LOL.

My parents are home, which means I finally got to go back to my own home and spend the night in my own bed! Oh man, that felt so good! I spent the better part of the night cleaning up and squaring things away.

My parents, also brought Nick home with them for a surprise visit. okay, okay, so I knew about it, but still a surprise. Its always good to see him. I miss him so. He's here to visit and spend some time with his best friend. He's also excited for Chili Cook-Off too. Its funny since Nick flies back to NC on Dec 6th and I fly south to NC to see him on Dec 8th. Originally, he wasn't coming up, so I wasn't going to see him at all, so that is why I was going down. But now, it will be good just to take a vacation.

When I come back, Ben and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary, holy moly! Who knew! I love my life with him, *its cheezy* but he completes me. I can be myself and not be fearful about it... I am excited to see what the future holds for us.

Personally, on the weight loss front, I feel like a big **fat** lump this weekend. Not only was it Thanksgiving, but also I was SOOO stressed about Stuff the Bus, I wasn't paying great attention to my food intake and what I was eating. On top of that, due to the rotation of my work schedule, I won't be able to go to my usual Monday night meetings at WW. So it will be a few weeks of being out of sorts, but I am hoping to get back on track.

I've been finding some more Weight Loss blogs and reading their posts. Trying to find some inspiration and help in trying to keep it all in perspective.

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