Friday, November 20, 2009

Dreary Friday!

Well its raining in NH this morning. One of those days where I am glad that I am at work. It stinks those days that its absolutely beautiful out and you are stuck at work. So when its rainy and miserable out, I don't mind being at work!

I get so nervous about Toy Bank this year, I am anticipating a huge increase in the number of families needing assistance this year and also worry about donations being down this year, all due to the economy. But all I can do is my best.

I am taking a vacation December 8th through the 12th to go to North Carolina to see my brother and his wife. I am looking forward to seeing him. Its not going to be the same this year with him being down there and the family being up here. This is my first year taking a vacation while it's Toy Bank season, and I get nervous, I have to trust the other people on my committee to pick up my slack. I hope that someone steps up. I've pretty much done all the work, they just need to get people to show up.

Last night Ben and I went to bed at 830pm! He's been up late with work a lot lately, so last night he didn't have to work, and was really tired. I had to make a deal to watch SOA tonight rather than last night. Poor guy. Though I think I got too much sleep! 9.5 hours - my body isn't used to that much sleep! and I am yawning like crazy today. Even typing the word yawning makes me yawn....

My parents leave Sunday to spend the week with Nick and Lindsay and to celebrate Thanksgiving down there. So I am spending the week in Hampton house/pet sitting for the rents. It will cut down my drive time to work, that's for sure! There is much to do for toy bank next week as we have to get all the boxes out to the local businesses.

Ben and I celebrate 2 years in early December (actually while I am down in NC on vacation) - not really sure if we are doing gifts or not, its really close to Christmas... so I'd rather just have a nice dinner out or date night. Maybe a card, I guess I should talk to him about it.

Weight watchers is going well. I am 6 weeks in and down 14.4 pounds. that's an average of 2.4 pounds per week, which is a little higher than average, I'd rather see 1-2 pounds per week, but then again, I am sure it will all even out. And I am sure its mostly water weight.

I heard a quote and I kinda like it - but it's who said it who is causing the controversy. Model Kate Moss was quoted as saying "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" - and I kinda like it. It's kind of motivating, to keep my hand out of that cookie jar. But since Kate Moss had an eating disorder, I think she takes flack anytime she would make a statement like this. But I've heard this in another form, so its not like its anything new!

I am looking forward to Black Friday, I am trying to get my shopping lists together, I am going to try and actually buy gifts for other people, instead of buying lots of things for me! LOL. I am so bad. And I get to spend time with Tabs! Which is always fun!

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