Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

As we do every year, a bunch of friends and their families gather at the Saco River Camping Area, in North Conway, NH for a weekend of fun. Being almost 6 months pregnant, for me, this year was more about resting and relaxing.

There was the what seems to now be annual canoe trip down the river, I didn't want to chance it being so inexperienced with canoeing, especially on a river. So I opted to stay back at the site and watch my friend's dog.

We did some shopping, the North Conway outlets are right across the street from the campground so really, it's a no brainer! Although I will admit, I did VERY well this year. And only bought baby clothes.

Also we had some friends join us! new to our camping area, but old friends... we always love to see more! It was a great time and everyone got along. It's a great weekend where families can spend some quality time together but at the same time us friends can get together as well. It's great that our children are becoming friends with one another and they actually look forward to the trip every year.

New this year for our site was a pop up camper! It's my friend's camper, but she graciously said that we could stay in it with her and her daughter. Since I didn't really know how it was going to work out or how comfortable I would be, I asked Ben to also bring his tent. So it ended up working out that Ben slept in his tent and Tricia, her daughter Kaylee and me all stayed in the pop up. Ben was a trooper about it, since he had to haul the camper up there and pretty much do 90% of the set up for it. He dealt with a 2 year old and 2 very pregnant women.... he gets a gold star in my book!

Each morning, Kaylee would get up early and Tricia and I would entertain her in the pop up. Eventually she'd want to go outside so we taught her to go wake Ben up... it was the cutest to see her sneak up on Ben's tent to wake him. Her belly laughs made me smile. That girl is such a joy! And growing up quickly, using words and making sentences, she lets us know what she wants, there is no guessing about that! 

One thing that made me realize just how pregnant I am, was when I'd have to go to the bathroom (especially at night) and waking up to pee... oh man, that bathroom seemed the farthest away. And it was a pregnant hustle shuffle down to the bathhouse! I'd felt like there was times that I wasn't going to make it!

We enjoyed the vacation so much when we rebooked for next year, we extended our trip by a few days. We are hoping that Tricia's husband can join us for at least part of it. It will also give us a few days on our own (just our family and then Tricia's) to go do some other stuff. Our other friends have school aged children so they have to go back to school. I would like to take some extra time and have our families enjoy the long(er) weekend to do some more stuff up that way.

I am already looking forward to next year and having two more little ones to introduce to the joys of camping!

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