Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The most annoying...

Th only real symptom of pregnancy that has stuck around since the beginning is my acne/breakouts. While camping this weekend my dad was like "oh, did a bug bite you on your face?" I said "No, that is my acne..."

Ugh. It's all over my forehead and I have some nasty breakouts on my face, below my lip and chin area. In addition to that I also have some areas on the front of my chest as well as my back. I am just a mess. It's hard to want to take cute bump pictures when I don't feel so cute.

But I am 23 weeks as of yesterday, only 17 more to go! Things are progressing right along. I am dreading my glucose test on July 3rd.

And I stepped on the scale yesterday and so far I am only up 10 pounds overall. Considering that I am 23 weeks along, I would say that I am doing fair.

We had our first baby class last week, it was called "Your Pregnant Body" and basically talked about how being pregnant affects every part of your body. A lot of what was discussed I had already heard or read somewhere, but since Ben came, it was nice for him to hear it as well.

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Kerri O said...

I hear ya! Acne past 18 should be illegal ;) Too much dairy makes me break out.


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