Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm a WIP or a Work in Progress... these last two weeks have been crazy. Lots of traveling and lots of unregulated eating. This week was training week. As I had a class on Monday and Tuesday. Then Wednesday through Friday I had a state conference. Ugh!

Although I am happy that I got a lot of training done, I think it was almost too much information in a short period, I would have like to have broken it up over a longer period. I guess I'll know not to do THAT again.

And my weight shows.... I am up to 315, that my friends is a gain of 7 pounds from last week. Now, I know that part of that is water weight, but still my heart SANK when I saw that number on the scale. That makes me officially heavier than when I started Weight Watchers.

Something has got to give. I need to start journaling again, I'll be using SparkPeople, my user name is itsmecassieb please come find me and check up on me! I will either be posting my food here, or there on SparkPeople. I hope to use SparkPeople, but I know that I won't have the time to enter in all the food labels.

I finally have my days off this week and I don't have anything planned! I hope to get my gym on as well as perhaps going for a horseback ride.

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katdoesdiets said...

Dang. I'm here if I can help! I've been using sparkpeople for years. It took a while to add all the foods custom, but now they're all in my favorites and it's so easy. Or, if I do have something new I search and see if other people have entered them. Tracking stinks, but I find I have to do it too. Blah. Some days I'm too lazy and just write the calories and protein down in a notebook.


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