Monday, April 11, 2011


Last night H2B and I and along with another couple went to Fenway Park for the Red Sox / Yankees game. It was a fantastic game, obviously the Sox WON! Which was awesome in itself to see. I also crossed another thing of my 101 things in a 1001 days list, which is super awesome.

But the BEST part of the night, I fit in the seats... like so much more better than last year!!!!! If you read my last post, I was concerned about it. It was SO uncomfortable last year, I actually had bruises on my thighs from where the seat arm rests were digging into me.... well not this year!!!

I was in shock, because I know I am heavier than I was last time, but for some reason, I fit better this year. I guess my weight is shifting and my body is changing...

I still had trouble fitting with my legs, but at 5' 10" it's just bound to happen.... the seats at Fenway are not really conducive to tall people in general. 

I am really excited about this, for me, this is so huge!

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katdoesdiets said...

HOORAY! Awesome NSV. We gotta focus on those positives.


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