Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rough Start

So in my last post I talked about my new challenge with Steve, and since then I've only walked once and it was for 3 miles.  So that means I have 452 miles to go.

I need to make this a priority for me. No one else will benefit from this, but there is such a great potential for me to reap some pretty amazing benefits.

Truth. I am back up to my highest weight, 321 pounds and I am not happy. Something has got to change. Those 3 miles I did, it wasn't pretty, I've basically lost all my stamina from before.

But I will get back there. I know I can do it.

In other, semi related news, my name change is final. So I went to the DMV and got my new temporary license, with my corrected weight.

My 30th birthday is in 6 months and I'll have to renew my license again. My goal is to be lighter than I am now. So I can update my weight on my license as well!

1 comment:

Maren said...

You can do it for sure! It's hard when you've lost stamina and it's a constant struggle, but for each and every step it gets you to a better place. :) Go you!


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