Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hi, my name is Cassie, and I have a facebook problem

I am feeling like after the first of the year, I'll be taking a facebook hiatus. I feel as though I am a little addicted to facebook.

So I am going to start with taking a week off from facebook.(phew there I said it...)

I just feel like I've stalled out on my list of 101 things in a 1001 days, and that a lot of my time is eaten up by just killing time on facebook.Even my daily routine is sculpted around being on and checking facebook.

It's going to be difficult, I have a lot of open tasks going on in my life, that facebook is associated with. I am the admin for 3 groups related to my job/professional organizations. On top of that, I've got messages I've been going back and forth with on facebook for things going on in my personal life. Facebook truly is a social network, but I think every now and again we all need to step back and reevaluate the priorities in life.

Of course, I'll still be on twitter and I'll have my email. I'll have to put some sort of status up, letting people know about my hiatus and to please don't expect a timely response from me, if that's their method of contact.

PS - today is my hair appointment and my donation to Locks of Love! I am excited to see what my new hair cut will be and I hope that I love it! Stay tuned for pictures and a post of that experience!


Kaylynn said...

I whole-heartly agree.... I find that to be they way I have been as well... and while having coffee with you a few weeks ago, realized, I am checking facebook way too much while we were walking around.... yes, please post pics of new dooooooo... Im excited to see.. I am sure you will look amazing! <3

Only1KristenL said...

Good luck! I proposed a tech hiatus to Mike and you'd think I asked him to cut off him own arm and eat it!


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