Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bachelorette Party Recap

I realize this is WAY overdue! I completely forgot to recap my awesome super bachelorette party! Partly it was because I couldn't upload photos to save my life. My laptop is slowly dying and I am trying to get all that I can out of it. However, thanks to Ben, I was able to free up some space to upload some photos. I've only selected a couple to post here (I hope my gal pals are fine with it!).

My gals (10 of us in total!) stole me away to Foxwoods! We all met up and then carpooled down to the casino. We hit a small snafu with the Kenny Chesney concert at Foxboro, and traffic was a freaking nightmare. The words, Kenny Chesney became a swear word at some point. But looking back on it now, we can all laugh about it.

We finally made it to the casino, my BFF, Kelli had told me that due to Irene, we would be changing our overnight accommodations to the towers. Which ended up working in our favor as everything would be right there for us, we wouldn't have to take a shuttle to get anywhere! So thank you Irene for your gift!

After we got checked in, we were starting to get ready for our evening. I didn't even have a say in my outfit! My friend Kristen picked something out for me! And she's got a killer sense of style and really pushed me out of my comfort zone (jeans and a t-shirt). She also did my hair and makeup for me. What a great gal! I love her!

So here are a few of us, posing for a picture before heading out:

Personal Photo
And if you can't tell that's me in the all black dress. Thanks to my gal Kristen for picking out a cute outfit and assuring me that I looked good! It gave me the confidence to rock it all night long!

I will say the only thing I did veto was heels, I mean look at me, I was in flats, all those other girls are in heels and I still am towering over them!

We worked our way over to Shrine, which is an Asian restaurant and lounge/club within Foxwoods. First we had some dinner, oh man, we had a blast. We all split a few scorpion bowls. And had some amazing food.

Personal Photo

And there is the whole group! And some of the scorpion bowls we ordered. What an awesome night, we laughed and talked and generally just lived! These are the nights that are so worth remembering!

After dinner, we had some time to kill before Shrine the nightclub opened (just downstairs from the restaurant part) so we decided to play some slots. I wish I had taken more pictures, but alas I kinda forgot I had my camera!

None of us won anything big, but we were all ok with it. Then we went into the nightclub and boogied on down! I haven't danced like that in a long time! And oh boy did I feel it for the next few days!

Around midnight we were all done dancing and heading back to our rooms. We chilled in the main room and ordered some room service. Whenever Kelli and I get together and alcohol is involved usually fried food follows, it was that way in college, when we would hit up the snack truck that parked outside our dorm (Shout out to Kurt's lunch truck!) and when we celebrated in Boston for her wedding, we ordered room service. After our feast, we all promptly passed out.

Now, I have this app on my iPhone that sends me audible alerts for weather warnings. I mostly use it for my job, but it has come in handy for my personal life. Well with Irene blowing in, my phone kept going off, at some point in the night, there was a tornado watch in effect. Everyone in our room was awake BUT me (oops!), they were checking out the window, one even commented (is that a tornado I see?), finally I woke up and as I said, if there was any real threat the staff of the hotel would move us or at least make us aware. So we all went back to bed. When we woke up the following morning, some of the girls had to head back early to avoid the storm, but the rest of us hung out and rode out the storm in the hotel rather than get on the roads so quickly. We were all getting ready when the power kept flickering and then finally went out. Thankfully the complex has a generator / back up power. So we were able to finish getting ready. Although we couldn't really dry our hair since the hair dryers were only working at about half capacity.

We went and grabbed some food, at the only place we saw open, the buffet. Any food would have been good at that point, we were all so hungry. It was weird seeing many of the casino games dark, and all the stores/restaurants closed. But in order to run the essentials on back up power, they had to make sacrifices somewhere. Granted there were still some casino games sections that were functioning, but many were out.

After we were well fed, we headed to our cars, it was still raining and quite windy, I offered to drive. We realized quickly how bad Connecticut got hit from Irene (little did we know that Vermont was going to get hit the worst!) We called home to see how it was there, and really very little complaints! Irene was taking more of a western track into Vermont rather than the seacoast region of New Hampshire. So we headed out, ad realized that we needed gas. Well it's hard to find a gas station that has power in the middle of a hurricane. We started heading for home and hoping that we would find one with power. We freaked a little when the gas light came on and still unable to find anything. But we finally managed to find a store with power and were able to fill up the tank.

Again after the fact, we were able to laugh. It's always and adventure with my gals, and I love them all for it. We had a blast, and I was so happy and thankful that my gals took time out of their lives to celebrate with me.

Finally when I got home, I was done. It had been a whirlwind event but it was all worth it. Thank you to my BFF Kelli for planning everything and for all my gals who came out and made it special, it was great seeing everyone.

True story next weekend (before my actual wedding) I have rented a room in Portsmouth and the gals and I are getting together to spend the last few days together before the wedding. It's going to be so much fun, I can't wait to see them all again!

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WOW, now that is a story you will be telling forever. Kinda cool really. OH, and I want every dress in that first pic, you guys looked great!


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