Saturday, October 29, 2011

Honeymoon in Hawaii!

Well my DH (dear husband) treated us to a 10 day trip to Hawaii for our honeymoon! Wow, we had a fantastic time!!!

We walked a lot, Hawaii is a great place that forces one to stay active, I can see why so many people are in shape there!

I weighed myself before the wedding and then again before we left for Hawaii, both times I was 313. When I got home and had gotten a nap in (darn jet lag) I wanted to weigh myself. I was hoping to at least be the same. Well imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and saw 311!

Wait, what? Is that right, I LOST weight while on my honeymoon/vacation? That's a first for me! Even though we may have indulged in some sweets....

No lie, the shaved ice was as big as our head! And straight sugar. It was so hot that day, that it was melting quicker than you could eat it, so you would drink out of the straw and all you got was sugar. Ben and I both were on sugar rushes for the rest of the day! Note: Can you see my awesome sunburn?

Hawaii is just so beautiful, Ben and I both agreed that we preferred the Big Island over Oahu, the Big Island had a lot more of the natural beauty to see. Although we did see some amazing things on Oahu. We went to the Polynesian Cultural Arts Center. Where we had a chance to learn more about the cultures in the Pacific Rim. We went to their luau and their after dinner show, which was called: Ha: Breath of Life, and it was amazing. Although we were unable to take any pictures and man, were they sticklers on that! But during the day, we did see the Samoans climb a coconut tree. No ropes, no net... pretty impressive, if you asked me!

We also went to Pearl Harbor and to the Mighty Mo. Those pictures are on my digital camera. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay was amazing, Getting to swim in the coral reefs and all the beautiful colors of the fishes, that was spectacular!

On the Big Island, we saw a lot of the natural beauty of Hawaii. Lots of walking trails through to beautiful vista views. It was interesting to see desert like conditions all the way through rainforest terrain. We also visited South Point which is the southern most part of the United States. That's pretty cool. Just cliffs that drop into the ocean, where the water is quite deep. We saw green sand beaches, as well as black sand beaches. We saw a volcano and waterfalls, All just so lovely!

What I truly loved was the Island feel. And being on Island time, everything moved a lot slower and at a more casual pace. It was the perfect thing that I needed in order to relax. By far one of the best vacations I've had in a long time. And I even got sick! I picked up a nasty cold bug on the plane ride over and it's still lingering even after coming back home! Ugh, thankfully it's not nearly as bad now as it was when I first got sick. I was bummed about being sick in paradise, since I knew it was going to be a long time (if ever) that we got to go back. So I tried like heck to suck it up and still go and see as much as we could.

Everywhere we went we felt the Aloha, its more than just a word, its a feeling and a movement, to do good in this world, and give Aloha, a welcoming feeling to all. It's amazing. I also enjoyed that they incorporate a lot of the Hawaiian language into everyday things:

At the end of 10 days in paradise, you can imagine it was hard to get on that plane and fly home. But we knew that we had to, there was so much to do back home! It's amazing to think that we are married, and now going to be starting house hunting in a short while. I love my crazy life! But I do hope that Ben and I are able to visit Hawaii again in our lives, but we were very blessed that we had the opportunity that we did! I am so glad we went.

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Maren said...

Oh. My. God.
The shaved ice looks AMAZING!!!

And the trip, the pics! Wow! So jealous :D


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