Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding Season!

Not only am I busy planning my own wedding, but we have other weddings (and showers) to attend this summer as well. The first one is tonight. The wedding of my co-worker, in the fire service, co-workers are more like family than any other job I've ever had. I am very excited for my friend and his bride! They are wonderful people. 

Tomorrow, Ben and I will be heading down to Rhode Island to meet up with the minister who will be marrying us. He is the former minister from my home church and agreed to marry us, I couldn't be any happier, that man had a profound impact on my life. It turns out that he also lives about 15 minutes from the Best Man. So we anticipate on meeting up with the Best Man and his wife while we are down there as well. 

I had an awkward wedding moment (I am sure more are coming) but a friend of mine asked me when the "Save the Dates" were going out. Mind you we are less than 3 months away from the wedding, and the STD's went out in December. I said, that they had gone out in December, he then proceeded to ask his wife if she lost the save the date, because he didn't recall it. My heart was in my throat, it was SO awkward. I then said that unfortunately they were not invited to the wedding. I said that we were at our max for the space and really it is already cramped, at that number. He quickly hurried off the phone with me. I felt so bad for the situation. I think they are excited and happy for me but I just can't invite everyone. I hope they understand. 

Ugh, as a bride, has any of you been put in this position? I've always been under the assumption that you should NEVER assume you are invited to the wedding until you get an invitation (or Save the Date). You can talk about the wedding and details about it, but never assume such things! NOW I know why. And let's just say I won't be making that mistake for any of my friends who are future brides (or grooms).


Brittney said...

Ugh, that is awkward! That's so exciting that your wedding is getting close though. :) Also, thanks for your sweet tweet about my last post. I'm doing okay.

Lucy said...

Goodness, that had to be awkward! I am confused though? Did he call you? Wow! I would never call a person or ask about an invitation but unfortunately I think he felt you were closer friends than you thought. I am assuming since he was not invited then you don't mind because there is no coming back from that conversation LOL. He should be so embarrassed. On the other side, I do have a suggestion don't call people that don't RSVP because you might be embarrassed. Recently, my husband received a phone call from his employee asking him why we had not RSVP'd for his wedding. Now, think about that, my husband is his boss and he was chastising him for not responding, well guess what, we never received an invitation, which was weird because we did receive the bridal shower invitation. I was very confused as to why they would invite us to the shower and not the wedding? Anyway, They were beyond embarrassed and even more embarrassed for calling us, with a little attitude. We gave them a lovely gift in the end, for both shower and wedding! Sorry for the ramble. My overall point, people should just not call. Don't sweat the silly small stuff, enjoy the day it flies by!!

Cassie said...

Hi Lucy thanks for the tip! :-D

They called me, we were catching up on life and other things, nothing wedding related, then they said, so when are you sending out the save the dates..... ugh. it was the worse feeling ever.

dater said...
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