Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Beginning(ish)

Happy New Year folks! I hope you all are recovering nicely from your NYE activities. I surprised myself and went to the gym NYE morning. Was really thrilled about that. You know, they gym actually had a lot of people in there, perhaps everyone was working out in advance of their partying to be done later on that night.

I worked New Year's Eve, I had to work New Year's Day, and I would of had to have been up early, so why not work the night before and make a little extra money. H2B came down to my work and we had some delicious Chinese food and enjoyed one another's company until the ball dropped. Then we shared our first kiss of the new year, and off towards home he went. It was special, I was so happy that he was willing to do that.

I didn't make it to the gym yesterday, once I got out of work (6:15pm), H2B and I headed towards his mom's, she had cooked us a big delicious meal. You never go hungry at her house, or if you do it's your own fault! After chatting for a bit, we headed for home. Not only did I have to be up early for work today, but we also had to still weigh in for our next weight loss challenge. This time, it's between ourselves and another couple. But instead of teaming up as couples, we decided boys versus girls...

Well needless to say, I was SO happy that I weighed in for our last weight loss challenge yesterday, I was down to 296.3. When I weighed in for this new challenge last night it was 306.2!! Now, I know that's mostly due to water weight, and having JUST eaten dinner. So perhaps my numbers were "padded" a bit, but darn, that is just crazy! Thankfully the other couple weighed in late at night too, so it didn't look like Ben and I were trying to throw the challenge. Another good reason, Ben and I are on opposite teams, so we can keep each other honest.

So yes, I am starting out 2011 weighing in at 306.2. I don't intend on finishing out 2011 anywhere near that number...
For our current challenge, we are using the Wii Fit for our weight
I am working again today, but I did bring gym clothes, and I do plan on going to the gym tonight after work. I should be getting out around 5:45pm. The one bummer is that my gym closes at 7pm on Saturday and Sunday, but open 24 hours the rest of the week. And I will have workout #1 in the books for Al's Strong for 23 in 2011 challenge.

I am excited for this challenge, I want to build healthy habits and making myself and the gym is a top priority.. after all, it won't be too long till the wedding....Holy Cow, I am getting married this year! Buff Bride time...


Kayla said...

Happy New Year, Cassie!

I'm completely with you on making health and myself a top priority this year! You are completely kick ass and I know you will reach amazing goals in 2011!

Yay for your wedding coming up this year! I'm so excited for you! :)

I saw the comment you left over on Steve's blog regarding the woman who ate 30,000 calories. I do the same thing as you. The moment I saw her picture I thought to myself that that is how I look. Gotta love having self image issues, huh?

You are beautiful, Cassie! Always remember that. :)

Kerri O said...

I'm here for ya babe. You got this.

*Whitney* said...

You will do so amazing in 2011! I can feel it!

I thought of you right after the ball dropped. 3 years ago when the ball dropped all I could think about was it finally being the year I was getting married. I thought about you and how you're getting married this year! I'm so excited for you!!

Cassie said...

You girls are all so awesome, and rock my world. I really heart you all... like for realz.

Karen said...

I'm not sure what would happen if my husband and I were competing. I shudder to think about it. It would probably motivate him a lot, he is very competitive. Me... hmmm.


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