Sunday, January 9, 2011

Workin' It

I've actually been having a good week. I've been getting my workouts in for the Strong for 23 in 2011 Challenge that Al issued. So far, I've missed only last Saturday and Sunday. That includes, being stuck at work on an extra long shift and working out at work! Thank God for fitness DVD's.

My workouts vary from long walks to schedule training sessions with my new love... EA Sports Active 2. I love that it comes with a heart rate monitor and it displays your rate on your tv throughout your workout. I like how it changes things up, so you are focused on one muscle group. I really love this new program. I selected the 3 week cardio kick start program on the easy level. With the current program I am on with the Active 2, I have 4 workout days, with 3 rest days. On my rest days, I've been going on long walks and stretching out my legs.

I went to the library yesterday (part of my 101 things in a 1001 days, is to utilize the library more rather than buying books), I had heard of a book that I wanted to read, Breaking Free from Emotional Eating by Geneen Roth. I know that I suffer to a degree from emotional eating in that, when I am experiencing a tough emotion, I tend to turn to food for comfort, then I feel guilty about binging on food and the cycle just repeats. I'd like to learn some methods for dealing with stress/emotions before it gets to the point of binge eating. I believe that there is an emotional link to obese individuals.
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So I went to the library to see about borrowing it, sad part of living in a small town, they didn't have it. However, they did say they could check the Inter-Library Loan program. The W-HAaaaT? I had NO idea what this woman was saying to me. Apparently, if you are looking for a specific book, and your local library does not have it, they can check the catalogs of other libraries in the state and request to borrow that book from another local library and have it brought to your local library for you to borrow. Now how cool is that... again, I never knew.  So I requested that specific book and it should be in within a week or two.

While I was waiting for the nice librarian to check for the Breaking Free book, I happen to see this little nugget....

And decided that while I was waiting for my original book to arrive, I could entertain myself with this book. After all, I am still planning a wedding and need to get some details knocked out.

So after checking out and all and walking back to my apartment, I told H2B the story about the Inter-Library Loan program, and he was laughing at me because I had never heard of the program! It's not my fault I came from a town that valued its literary resources. I never needed to use the program, because my town library had what I needed.

Anywho, how has everyone else's week been?


Creating Kayla said...

You are kicking ass, Chica!! So proud of you! :)

I SO know how it feels to live in a small town and have the library not have the books you are looking for. Every time I go to my local library, they never have anything I am looking for, LoL. Gotta love small town living. I never knew about the Inter-Library Loan program either!! I'm quite excited about giving it a try next time I go to the library. Growing up just outside of Boston, the library ALWAYS had any book I needed/wanted. I'm not used to a library that has limited selections. (I must sound so spoiled, LoL)

Last week was a good week for me. I worked out, tracked my calories and made water my bitch. Looking forward to doing the same this week!

Hope you have a good week! Keep up the great work, my dear. You are a ROCK STAR! :)

(Btw, don't you just love how I tend to leave you a novel of a comment whenever I come over to your blog, LoL :P)

Cassie said...

Awww thanks Kayla! I never mind your comments, they are great to read, it's nice to know that others are in the same boat as me!

You don't sound spoiled, you sound just like me! We had the privilege of living in communities that had the resources and didn't need to use such a program, now in small towns, we do... so we learn ;-)

Glad you had a good week last week, keep it up! We got this!

Kate said...

Holy moly. I WORK in the inter-library loan department at the UNH library! I'm glad you found out about ILL! It's a great service and works pretty darn well in NH. I implore you to utilize the shit out of your library system.

Cassie said...

Thanks Kate (Dusie!) - Never knew... at least now 2 more New Hampshire-its now about it! And plan on using it! Saves me money and it's super easy to do!


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