Friday, February 12, 2010


Lately I've been so focused on giveaways, that I haven't really been focused on my weight loss. Now granted, this is only in terms of my blogging. I am still actively doing WW and working out.

At my weigh in this week (I had to weigh-in on Tuesday rather than Monday, since I was at work for 24 hours) I maintained. So I am still at 293.0 - Which means that so long as I at least maintain this week I get my iPhone! Obviously, I'd rather keep loosing. But my concerns are that any time I have a 'big' loss (usually greater than 3 pounds) that I have a bounce back gain the next week or two. So that is my fear currently.

However, when I weighed in Wednesday afternoon for the Loser Moms contest, I was down to 291.6. Now granted, I weigh in on my home scale, so there is a difference between the WW scale and my home scale.

I am working on a few tasks from my day zero list - obviously the easy ones are the losing weight (easy for me right now, since I am very weight loss motivated), the working out 3 times a week for 2 months straight, the other one I am focused on right now is the trying a new recipe each week for 1 month. 2 weeks ago we had rib night, last week we had the WW lasgana and I don't know what I am going to try this week. With it being Valentine's day this weekend and since I've been working so much - I thought about possibly doing a twist on bread pudding - and making it like french toast style for breakfast one morning... I saw a great recipe in Cosmo a few months ago by Katie Lee, that I would love to try! It requires some planning and prep on my part. Should be interesting.

I'm still in a great mood. Things have been going really wonderful for me, personally. I am happy about the changes that I am making in my life, all positive. I feel like I am moving in a great direction. I hope I can keep this feeling and motivation for awhile!

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Anonymous said...

you have been doing great... your comments have been keeping me honest and keeping me from just quiting when it gets hard... and thank you for the cards as well =)


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