Monday, February 15, 2010

Got my iPhone!

Yesterday Ben and I went to the At&t store and picked up my new iPhone - the first of (hopefully) many 'rewards' to keep me motivated to continue to loose this weight.

And the first thing I did (well ok, second thing) was download the Weight Watchers app (the first being facebook, duh!). I've been playing so much with my iPhone today that I drained the battery! Thankfully this girl was smart and bought the car charger as well, so I can plug it in to charge. The WW app is really an extension of e-tools, but its great to be able to log and track everything right at your finger tips. There really isn't any excuse now...

My next goal is my 10% goal, or 31 pounds. My weigh-in is tonight, so I will be posting the results afterwards hopefully! If not here then on my twitter page. Once I achieve my 10% goal, I will treat myself to a massage, and a nice long one to boot! My usual suspects are all abandoning me tonight for the meeting, but I am still determined to go. It looks like we will all hopefully be together next week! Finally, seems like the last month we haven't all been able to connect.

In other news, this past weekend was Valentine's Day, me not being once to celebrate the holiday, I requested that Ben and I don't exchange gifts. I don't want a holiday to define when one should show love, I do believe that its a special day you can set aside to be with the ones you love, but I don't need, gifts, flowers or especially chocolate to define "loved one". Ben and I went bowling on Saturday, we hadn't been in so long! It was a hoot.... more so for the fact that I pulled or did something to the muscle underneath my left ass cheek, so it STILL hurts today! We then went and had dinner. Sunday we went to the movies, we saw Valentine's Day (how appropriate, right?) It was great.... I usually don't go to the movies for RomCom's (movies are so expensive!) but it was date night, and we went to the matinee. And then we went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner (YUM). Both nights out I had steak.

The first night, was one pound of steak tips (good LORD!) so I took over half of those home, the second night was a 6 ounce cut which I ate. I love that about the Roadhouse, that they will do smaller cuts of beef.

All in all, it was great to get to spend some time with Ben, especially since I have been working so much, we really haven't seen a lot of one another.

Getting ready to head to my weigh-in and then off to the gym!

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