Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rest and Relax

So those are my marching orders. Rest and Relax. I have been on the go so much lately. I came home yesterday after working and then holding a sign for dad, and my legs were just SO tired. I litterally colapsed when I got home. I wasnt planning on taking a nap, but that is exactly what happened. Ben woke me up after some time, I didn't want to sleep forever and not be able to fall asleep that night.

As it turns out that Ben and I stayed up late to watch the election results. My dad won his race, so he is going back to the State house for a 5th term. Unless you live under a rock, Obama won the presidential election. I just hope that things go well. His speech was very well executed. But actions speak louder than words, and we shall see what happens.

In other news, the Chili Cook-Off did change venues. We are now at Wally's. Everyone at Wally's is excited about having us, and I think the space will be a great added bonus for us. I am just hoping that everything falls into place. I had to set-up a google calender so I could keep track of my life in case I don't have my pocket planner on me. Again another reason why I need a blackberry.

Thankfully, I have a good group of people to help my during Toy Bank and I know that it will all come together, so I am going to try and not stress out about things. hehehe, try being the optimum word.

But Ben is right, I need to rest and relax....

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