Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Early

It is a bit early this morning, but I thought I would post. I am practically living at the fire station for the next 2 weeks. I was talking to my cousin online the other night and I really cannot wait to go for a visit to see her. Still a ways away, but it gets closer each and every day ;-) That is most likely my next vacation....go figure February!

Toy Bank is going well. The ball is rolling and we have kicked off! The chili cook-off is the first public event, but all the motions that we go through have started. The guys were great, and all the boxes are already wrapped! I didn't have to wrap a single box this year! I've got all the applications printed off and ready to drop off at the stations. Things are moving right along!

Apartment life is wonderful, I really do enjoy living with Ben. I love coming home to him and spending time with him. I don't know if I said it here or not, but the apartment is really perfectly laid out, and sized. I can be in the bedroom and he can be in the living room and we won't hear each other. But when we do want to be together its easy to do so. That is one thing that I really do enjoy about Ben, is that I don't feel that I need to be around him all the time, but when I do want to be around him, he is very accepting of it. LOL. He's a keepa for sure ;-) Being with him is unlike anything I've experienced before. I feel like he has always been there, I have to keep reminding myself that its barely been a year!

Stopped by the rents house on the way to work last night, they seem to be doing well. Dad is as usual super busy. I was actually surprised that he was home when I was there! But it was nice to catch up with Louise. I saw Grandma G last week and she seems to be doing well. I guess they are trying to go through the process of her becoming a permanent resident of Haven Health. I think that would be the best option for her. Although she is making progress and healing; she will never have the same ability she had before and over the years, its just gotten worse and worse.

Last week I was able to go up north and chill with Tabs, Page and friends on Trivia Night. I am horrible with Trivia, but for me, it was more of a social hour to visit with Tabitha. Unfortunately Tabs was sick, so not her normal self. It was good to see Page out and about again, he and I talked for quite awhile after and just tried to catch up on the past year or so. I was so impressed with how much he had grown over time...not physically grown, the man is already huge! But just in the way he conducted himself and the way he was talking. It was great!

Friday night was Nick's (my brother) 25th birthday party, which didn't start until 10pm in Boston. Since I had to work the next morning, I went out for dinner with him. We went to Hooters, my brother is a class act. It was good to see him and hang out with him. Mom and Darla were there as well as some of Nick's friends. Ben joined in after work and it was a fun time. Nick got a bit tipsy, so one of his friends drove him into the city for his bigger party. Seeing mom was a bit weird, things between her and I are strained as usual, but I was cordial I thought...I'm sure I came across to mom as a heartless bitch. So Nick went off to Boston and I headed home! I was some tired, but I knew I had to work and then Tabs birthday dinner was Saturday night!

So Saturday night, Ben and I went north for dinner out with Tab and crew. I got to see Kelley, Mannix and Ian. It was good to see my cousin! The table set-up was a bit awkward Tabitha was way on the other end of the table, so we were kind of divided. Ben, Page, the Muir family and myself sat on one end of the table. We were literally having our own conversation separate from the rest of the group. I thought it was fine, I was hoping that Tabs didn't feel slighted, but the space just wasn't really good for whole table top discussions. But it was a fun night, but man was I tired. Ben called it, I feel asleep in the car on the way home. And Sunday morning came oh so quickly. I had to be up early for work again. Sunday morning was the worst. I had such a rough morning! Thankfully, work wasn't too bad.

All in all a fun week, this week is more work than anything else. And I am going to try to get my car fixed on Friday, I blew some sort of high pressure hose to the A/C. Not hugely important right now, but I thought it would be better to get it fixed now as opposed to wait. Sad thing was, I just had an oil change (at the dealer) the day before and they didn't mention anything at all. I heart my own mechanic, he is so wonderful! LOL. I guess sometimes free isn't the best option...

Have a great week!

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