Friday, August 24, 2012

Morning Ramblings

Looking back on some of my posts, it's hard to believe that a little more than 2 months ago we went on a road trip to North Carolina to visit my brother and my sister in law for my brother's college graduation. And that the other night Ben said that his best friend in Rhode Island wanted us to come for a visit. I couldn't even begin to fathom spending more than an hour in the car right now. I think my brother's graduation was a the right time for us. I was glad I was able to travel to see him, but so glad I don't have to do that now!

I am excited for my brother and sister in law to come back to New Hampshire in a few weeks! They have a wedding, but will be here for a week(ish). Not sure if they will be here for the baby or not, that depends on when the baby wants to come out! But it'll be nice having them here.

So from my last post, Ben worked diligently through the weekend to get our nursery set up. He transformed the bedroom from a guest bedroom into a nursery. Granted more would have been done if he didn't have to work through his vacation, but I am happy with the progress he made in the short time he did have. It enabled my friend and I to go through all the baby shower gifts and get a better organized. Now we have a shopping list of what we need to go buy. I am grateful to have such kind friends who are willing to be put to work. As I had a difficult time with all the bending over and lifting. I guess the one pitfall about trying to set things up this far along.

Later on this morning I have my weekly doctor's appointment. Where I am expecting my weight to be up. Having been at the fire academy 3 days this week for classes and having worked last night, there hasn't been much time for me to chill and elevate my feet. I just hope the doctor isn't too mad at me. I am excited to see baby L, we are doing a growth scan to see how large Baby L is, at my last appt, I was measuring 42 weeks! that's a bit ahead! I am hoping that Baby L isn't that large! Though there was a huge discrepancy from my last scan. I measured 4 weeks ahead but baby L was only a week ahead. So I take those measurements a little lightly, knowing that I have a big uterus and what not.

I've been having more Braxton-Hicks contractions lately. I just assume that it's my body getting ready for the big day! But there have been some really strong and intense ones lately, I always ask, are these real? But until they are timeable and consistent, I don't worry too much about them. 

Other symptoms have been headaches, heartburn, complete bitchiness and SWELLING.... I feel like I am never NOT swelling. I hate all the pictures that are taken of me, I can see all the swelling in my face, not like earth shattering/medical condition swelling, but more like puffiness. I also am getting used to functioning on little to no sleep. Although the baby is sleeping through the night (not many/no movements through the night) I am having to get up to pee or readjust due to leg cramps at least every hour or two. So even when I go to bed early, I am still waking up all the time. I hate to say it, but it's getting easier to function on less and less sleep. I think this time really prepares you for being up all night with a child.

I am getting so excited for this baby to make it's entrance!  Although I still have to finish the nursery and pack my hospital bag at least... so hold off for a few more kid!

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Chubby McGee said...

Oh, man. BIG hugs. Hang in there, baby. You (and your body) can do this. It's tough as hell, but you'll be okay. :) And that baby is 10000000% worth all that pain and suffering.

Trust me.


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