Saturday, August 18, 2012


I am 35 weeks and 35 days left! Holy cow!

So yesterday I went to my doctor's appointment, Ben was on "vacation" so he got to come with me. I use the term vacation loosely, since the poor man had to work during his vacation. But at least he got to enjoy one day of vacation. And by enjoy I mean run around with me while I was doing my errands.

Anyways, at my appointment my due date was changed. First is was 9/21, then 9/22 then at my 9 week u/s it was 9/25 which is what stuck. NOW the doc is saying that no, it's been 9/22 all along (based on LMP) and that the girls in the front office got it wrong. Ugh. tough trying to juggle 3 different systems of keeping track that's for sure!

So I am 35 weeks as of today! Doc says that if I were to start labor any time, that they wouldn't stop it. But every day baby keeps cooking is better. I said I wouldn't do any jumping jacks.

My BP was perfect, but I have been getting headaches with some black floaters in my vision and I've had some pitting edema, so they ran a pre-e lab panel. I didn't hear anything back, so I am hoping that I am good. Thankfully working in a fire station, the guys can take my BP when necessary AND transport me to the hospital if necessary. I feel pretty safe there.

I didn't gain any weight from my last appt, 2 weeks ago, where I gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks. So she was happy with that (that I didn't gain). However,  I am measuring at 42 weeks!! yikes!

So next week I start my weekly appt checks. I get a growth u/s to check baby's size. We are getting close!

Ben has been working on our nursery. He spent the better part of yesterday cleaning out the guest/2nd bedroom. Here is a picture of most of the gifts we've received!

Ben the comedian...
Yesterday we also managed to pick up the baby furniture. Right now it's living in boxes in our living room.

Ben is making great progress on the nursery, despite the vacation week hiccups. I am hoping to get in the room either tomorrow or Monday to start getting things set up.We bought our furniture at a local / family owned business called Baby Go Round. Very knowledgeable and super friendly staff! Made the whole process very easy for us first timers! We will most definitely be back! Our crib is the "legendary" by Baby's Dream and I hope that it looks as good in their promo picture as it will once we unbox it! We opted for their cinnamon color, but here is their promo picture in their espresso color.

Image source

I still need to finish my thank you's for my baby shower gifts. I've only made it about a third of the way through. It seems as though when I start making some progress, I get more gifts in, I don't want to miss anyone! My stepmom, Louise had an idea, as gifts come in write the thank you's then, and work my way back, since all the ones from the shower are written down. That way I'd be less likely to miss anyone. She's brilliant!

After finishing the nursery, next up is to pack my hospital bag, I've got a list started, and most items won't be able to be packed until day of, but at least I can start gathering things and the list will be ever so helpful.

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Brittney said...

Ooooh, I love your crib! I'm starting to look at nursery furniture and it's pretty overwhelming. Good choice!


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