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Yeah sorry about that, I can't believe it's been since the end of July since I've done a blog post. Having a kid really cuts into my blogging time!

Summer was super busy at work, I have to say it's been one of the busier summers we've had in awhile. Now that its our off season, we are getting ready to move into our new facilities. It will be so nice to have a brand new facility to work in. I am looking forward for that upgrade. It is long overdue.

August was quite busy, most notable, we were able to take a family vacation to Bar Harbor! Now Ben and I have been visiting Bar Harbor ever since we've been dating, but we had to take the last 2 years off (wedding one year and baby last year!) so we were more than thrilled to be resuming our usual trip. The last time we were there, Ben proposed to me at sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain. This year we took our son to the top! My how quickly life changes.

September seemed to fly by, we celebrated Brenden's first birthday! I can't believe that it's been a year! Having a baby really does change your life, in more ways than I can describe, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. He brings such joy to my life, that I didn't even know was possible.
First born

First fair (1 year old)
September we also restarted another tradition, going to the fair! We didn't make it to any fairs last year due to having a newborn and adjusting to that new life. So it was nice to get to go this year, we hit up Deerfield Fair and Fryeburg Fair this year. Mister Mans loved them both.

Now here we are mid way through October and fall is in full swing. When I am not at work, I spend my days with Mister Mans and getting to enjoy watching him explore and discover this new world. We have some baby play groups that we go to, which is great. A) it gets us out of the house and B) allows Brenden to get socialized with other babies. He knows how to wave (hello and goodbye) he claps and he dances... we are currently working on being gentle, since Brenden loves to slap other babies and gouge their eyeballs out. He's a strong crawler, but he is cruising along furniture/walking toy, so I have no doubt that he'll be walking any day now. Then the fun really begins for mommy...

He is such a great baby, I don't know if I want any more! We have been so blessed with him and he has been easy to us. But then again, I think a brother or sister will be good for him (and us), eventually... not rushing down that train just yet.

We have now been in our house over 6 months. We had a housewarming party in July, it was so good to see so many of our friends and family and to share our house with them. I can certainly see many more parties there. It's a great house and although we are still unpacking boxes, I very much feel at home there.

As far as my healthy living goes... well I went to a zumba class on August 1st and dislocated my knee cap. Man did that suck. I was on crutches for a hot minute, since crutches with a crawling baby do NOT work. And I was in a knee brace for 6 weeks. Even today, I am still in physical therapy trying to work on getting my knee back.

I know that my weight is largely to blame for my knee problems. And I am trying desperately to avoid surgery. I have cancelled my membership at planet fitness, it just isn't the right fit for me anymore. I am shopping around for a new gym. Right now the top contender is the YMCA, its a 30 minute drive each way, but it has child care and a pool. I can do water aerobics to help rehab my knee. They also do swim lessons for baby. which would be nice since that is something we really wanted to do for Brenden. Right now, the biggest hang up is the travel time. But I need to make it a priority for me.

Brenden's first birthday also marked a goal for me, 1 year of pumping. I made my ultimate goal! Now that I am weaning off the pump, I can start restricting my calories a little and not worry so much about eating enough to make milk. 

So where am I at? Well I am in the ball park of where I was before, 334. The knee injury really set me back. But now that I am going down a good path I need to get back into a routine, especially before winter/snow hits and I really want to hibernate! 

So that's about it for now. hopefully it won't be another 3 months before I get to update again, but who knows, life is never dull with a baby.

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