Friday, July 12, 2013

We have a crawler!

While we were away on vacation (down to North Carolina) Mister Man finally got coordinated and started crawling! He'd been "assuming the position" for a solid 6 weeks before, and would do a step or two, but finally got everything coordinated and took off.

And he hasn't stopped since.

With his new found freedom he likes to wander around the house, if we leave the room, he tries to follow us.

On top of that we've discovered that he likes strings, tags, hair, shoelaces, anything that he can pull. Shoelaces being the big thing. Whenever he can, he makes a bee line for our shoes.

I love getting to watch him discover new things and pick them up to analyze them. He's such a great baby.

Yesterday we had a hearing test for him. Mister Man has been having chronic ear infections and we finally got an appointment to see an ear, nose and throat doctor. Actually it's the same doctor who evaluated him for the possibility of being tongue tied. The audiologist who performed the test said everything looked good that his hearing was great. So now we wait till next week to see the doctor about what he thinks. But I am already preparing myself for tubes.

Mister Man is also cutting his top 2 teeth. They are huge! Especially when compared to his 2 bottom teeth, no wonder the have been bothering him.

He also got to meet some more of his extended family, as my family was up for their annual trip to Bow Lake. His third cousins loved getting to play with him and show him around. I am hoping to continue to make that a tradition. Of course I didn't take any pictures... lame. What kind of mom and blogger am I?

But I did manage to take a video of him crawling. For all your viewing pleasure.

This video was taken at Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, NC. We had a great time there.

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